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<August 2022> - Mike H. Pro Demo; Birdbox Comp; BBQ; Giant Redwood; Intro to Bill Peach

<July 2022> - Canteen Flask; Taking photos; Intro to Nigel Batten  [ Wood Finishing Chart < HERE > ]

<June 2022> - Bowl Revision; Carbide Tools; Reverse Chucks; Intro to Treasurer

<May 2022> - Unnatural Natural Demo; Scroll Chucks; Experimental Colouring; Intro to David Hamilton

<April 2022> - AGM Report; Prize Winners; New programme; Intro to David Game

<March 2022> - AGM Notices; Vic's Router Jig; Intro to Allan Rae

<February 2022> - Box Comp; Wedding Goblets; Vic's Clamps; American Plane; Intro to Rick Patrick

<January 2022> - Future Club Meets; Off-Set Bowls Comp; Milling Hornbeam; Intro to Nick Jazwinski

<December 2021> - Platters Comp; Quiz; Intro to Terry Miles

<November 2021> -  Treen Comp; Cubes;  Intro to John Williams

<October 2021> -  Meeting Report; Ash; Swanky Pencil; Intro to Alan Brooks

<September 2021> -  Meeting Itinerary; Up-Cycled Wood; Appraisals; NG's Stairgate; Intro to Bill Gibson

<August 2021> -  Club out & about; Cedar v Boxwood; Longest Shaving; Mezzaluna; Intro to Secretary

<July 2021> -  Website Teasers; On the Internet; Laburnum; Collet Chucks; Intro to Ian McClure

<June 2021> -  Bowl within a Bowl; Food Safe Woods & Finishes; Wooden Food moulds; Intro to Vic Russell

<May 2021> -  Previous Paul's Challenges; Monkey Puzzle; Iridescent Paints; Chucks; Intro to Chairman

<April 2021> -  Paul's Challenge 'Bowl within a Bowl'; Hornbeam; Intro to Editor