Year 2021-22
(last updated Friday, 15 October 2021)



D / Demo= Demonstration
C / Comp = Competition

Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless specified.
Program subject to change.



16th Sep D1 : Treen (Paul) BYO Corona virus Lockdown turning
21st Oct C1 - Treen Demo - Plates & Platters (Paul)
18th Nov tbn  
16th Dec tbn  
20th Jan 2022 tbn  
17th Feb tbn  
17th Mar AGM  


We have maintained Rhino Red abrasives at the same price since March 2017 despite the last delivery from our wholesaler being 20p more than our selling price (this decision was due to our then stock of over 400m at the prior cost).
As announced previously, we now need to increase our sale price by 40ppm to reflect the current cost.  This will take place with effect from November 2021, so the October meeting will be the last opportunity to get a bargain discount on abrasives!
It will help me to receive orders prior to the meeting so that I can prepare ahead of the day. Please use this

Woodturners' Smock - Lovell Workwear <WEBSITE> has been our supplier of Club smocks & sweatshirts for many years and I'm delighted to report that they have returned to producing 100% close-weave Cotton.
I've written a précis and Order Form
<HERE> and if we can get 10 items or more in a joint order, p&p would be waived.

Rather than Members being left alone during Covid, the Committee had elected to have a webpage to show/discuss work what Members had been doing while in 'isolation'.
The idea was to :
    show work for appreciating (or if requested, for appraisal),
    ask for advice on how to achieve something  or
    just to pass along some comment / humour.

This page is still available for viewing by clicking   Corona Page 

If anyone needs some wood, please email Paul here     or
telephone on the number listed on your Membership Card.

From time to time, the Club receives items offered for sale.
When it does, the 'Marketplace' button will appear in the TOP FRAME.
in lieu of the , which is still selectable via the Competitions page.)
Clicking the 'Marketplace' button will bring up full details but meanwhile, the following have been listed :-

 August 2020  : Various sizes of Thread Chaser pairs from Paul.

❷  October 2021  : NuTool  Router Table

 September 2021  : Jet DC1100A Extractor and Filter Cartridge

❺  October 2021  : Sovereign Ultima Hollowing system



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