Year 2020-21
(last updated Sunday, 24 May 2020)



D / Demo= Demonstration
C / Comp = Competition

Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless specified.
Program subject to change.




16th Apr 2020 D1 - Boxes  
21st May C1 - Boxes Demo : Balls made from various jigs
Sat, 20th Jun Everton Festival Club tent
18th Jun D2 - Goblets  
16th Jul C2 - Goblets Demo : Platters
Sat, 11th Jul Club BBQ 6pm at Bill Peach's home
w/e 25-26th Jul Mudeford Art & Craft Club tent
Sat, 8th Aug Ellingham Show Club tent
20th Aug D3 - Finials  
17th Sep C3 - Finials  'Turn & Swap' concept; Demo : Pens
15th Oct D4 - Laminated Wood 'Turn & Swap'
19th Nov C4 - Laminated Wood 'Turn & Swap'; Workshop: Xmas Decs
17th Dec Demo - Puzzles & Tricks Xmas Party
16th Jan 2021 D5 - 2-part Hollow Form  
20th Feb C5 - 2-part Hollow Form  
19th Mar AGM Presentation of trophies + Wood Sale

Following Prime Minister's briefing asking all Britons to maintain 'social distancing', the Committee have agreed to cancel all Thursday's Meeting at the Mudeford Wood Community Centre until further notice.

Decisions about further meetings will be made nearer the time they were planned to take place.

Rather than Members being left alone during the current crisis, the Committee proposed that we have a webpage to show/discuss work that members have been doing while in 'isolation'.
The idea is to :
    show work for appreciating (or if requested, for appraisal),
    ask for advice on how to achieve something  or
    just to pass along some comment / humour.

Use the email hyperlink below for the webmaster to process.

Click   Corona Page  to access Members' contributions

If anyone needs some wood, please telephone Paul on the number listed on your Membership Card.

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