Year 2021-22
(last updated Saturday, 13 August 2022)


D / Demo= Demonstration
C / Comp = Competition
Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless specified.

Program subject to change.

21st Apr 2022 D1 - Unnatural, Natural Edge PR
19th May C1 - Unnatural, Natural Edge
Revision of Bowl Technique

16th Jun D2 - Bird Box PR
Sat, 9th Jul Club BBQ Bill Peach
21st Jul C2 - Bird Box
Visiting Demonstrator

 Mike Haselden
30th - 31st Jul Mudeford Arts  
Sat, 13th Aug Ellingham Show  
18th Aug D3 - Puzzles/Tricks PR & AO
15th Sep C3 - Puzzles/Tricks
Kilner Challenge

20th Oct D4 - Animals PR
17th Nov C4 - Animals
Workshop :- sharpening, sphere jig,
inclusion box, pyrography/carving

15th Dec Xmas Social - incl partners
drinks & nibbles, Short Demo,
 quiz, display table
19th Jan 2023 D5 - Set of Buttons PR
16th Feb C5 - Set of Buttons

16th Mar AGM + Trophies + Wood Sale  

Face Covering Recommendations
In the light of information available with regard to meeting together this month and until further notice the Committee requests that you follow the advice below to keep our meeting as clean as is reasonably possible.
1. Although domestic restrictions were removed wef 24th Feb 22 from 'legally binding' to 'personal responsibility' it is recommended by the Government to wear a face covering at an event like ours as we are in enclosed spaces and coming into contact with people we do not usually meet.
2. Please do not come to the Meeting if you have symptoms.
3. Please check in with the person on the door with the membership list. (normally Clive or Richard.)
4. Please try to space the seats 1 metre apart unless you are sitting with someone that you live with or travelled with in the same car to the meeting.
5. Use both sides of the display tables to avoid bunching on one side.
6. The club shop has a menu card of items Members can fill in for purchases they wish to make.
7. Please keep the numbers down around the kitchen / tea area.

 As most of us have been triple jabbed by now, being mindful of the above should mean that we can keep meeting in relative safety for the foreseeable future or until the government changes their advice on large gatherings.

See you all on the 18th Aug.

CSW Constitution
At the March 2022 Annual Members Meeting, Members voted to accept amendments to the Club's Constitution.
As it is a requirement for Members to have access to their own copy, you may do so by downloading
 an < A4 MS Word Doc >  or < A5 Booklet .pdf >

The Booklet file is designed to produce an A5 booklet out of one A4 page printed on both sides and then folded in half.
It might appear on the screen that one page is upside down to the other but it should print out correctly provided you have selected 2-sided or Duplex Printing for your printer.

Woodturners' Smock -
Lovell Workwear <WEBSITE> has been our supplier of Club smocks & sweatshirts for many years and I'm delighted to report that they have returned to producing 100% close-weave Cotton.
I've written a précis and Order Form
<HERE> and if we can get 10 items or more in a joint order, p&p would be waived.

Rather than Members being left alone during Covid, the Committee had elected to have a webpage to show/discuss work what Members had been doing while in 'isolation'.
The idea was to :
    show work for appreciating (or if requested, for appraisal),
    ask for advice on how to achieve something  or
    just to pass along some comment / humour.

This page is still available for viewing by clicking   Corona Page 

If anyone needs some wood, please email Paul here     or
telephone on the number listed on your Membership Card.

From time to time, the Club receives items offered for sale.
When it does, the 'Marketplace' button will appear in the TOP FRAME.
in lieu of the , which is still selectable via the Competitions page.)
Clicking the 'Marketplace' button will bring up full details but meanwhile, the following have been listed :-

 August 2020  : Various sizes of Thread Chaser pairs from Paul.

  April 2022  :  TORMEK Supergrind 2000

  April 2022  : SALE OF Graham Turner's WOOD BLANKS & PLANKS


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Thu 18th Aug
Demo 3 - Puzzles/Tricks

Mike Haselden
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