Year 2020-21
(last updated Thursday, 19 November 2020)



D / Demo= Demonstration
C / Comp = Competition

Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless specified.
Program subject to change.


16th Apr 2020 D1 - Boxes  
21st May C1 - Boxes Demo : Balls made from various jigs
18th Jun D2 - Goblets  
Sat, 20th Jun Everton Festival Club tent
16th Jul C2 - Goblets Demo : Platters
Sat, 11th Jul Club BBQ 6pm at Bill Peach's home
w/e 25-26th Jul Wood Sale at Vice Chair's home
Sat, 8th Aug Ellingham Show Club tent
20th Aug D3 - Finials  
17th Sep C3 - Finials  'Turn & Swap' concept; Demo : Pens
15th Oct D4 - Laminated Wood 'Turn & Swap'
19th Nov C4 - Laminated Wood 'Turn & Swap'; Workshop: Xmas Decs
17th Dec Demo - Puzzles & Tricks Xmas Party
16th Jan 2021 D5 - 2-part Hollow Form  
20th Feb C5 - 2-part Hollow Form  
19th Mar AGM Presentation of trophies + Wood Sale

The challenge for this month is

A Mug or Glass or Bottle Coaster  

Everyone needs one or even a set, (no more than six at the moment, but you may have to burn a couple before before Christmas!!) to stop those nasty rings on your Chippendale dining tables or the pristine surfaces in your workshop.
I mean who can work on a bench if there is a mug ring on it? Oh horror!!

The suggested size is between 85mm and 100mm diameter by about 10mm thick.
Any interesting wood will do; plain if you intend a decorative finish.
A coaster is a perfect project to try out different surface finishes/textures as they are relatively quick to make and then you have a flat surface to work on.
I stick my blanks on to an mdf disc with double sided tape and turn a shallow decorative dovetail into the base. Hot melt glue works just as well. Then you can hold it on your chuck to turn the upper face and sides.
I like to make a small raised bead around the edge so that you can be sure, even after a few glasses, that your wine glass is located on the coaster and not balanced precariously with only 51% contact.
A circular recess can be turned into any flat shape if you don't want your coaster to be round.
Simple if you stick it on as above.
Natural edge anyone ?

Image 1 shows some ideas for you to try:-
Turn rings and beads as in the lower line;
Use a texturing tool of some sort to create bands or even the whole surface;
Pyrograph a pattern/picture/Confucian wisdom etc;
Use your iridescent paints... Come on, you are going to have to open them at some time or other;
Turn the edge bead a bit deeper, decorate/paint and then float a layer of resin over it to protect your artwork - bottle coasters are ideal for this as the sides are a bit deeper anyway to contain any drips;
Cut straight across a branch and flatten both sides - liable to crack, although the Yew in photo 1 was one of many made 20yrs ago by my father and none have split at all;
Spend a ridiculous amount of money on an Ornamental lathe and the rest of your life trying to work out a very small number of the decorative possibilities as top right of Image 1.
(click picture for larger version)

All of the above will need sealing with a few coats of acrylic lacquer or polyurethane to keep any moisture out of your masterpiece.
I am sure that you can come up with loads more ideas but these may get you started.

Once you have made a set you will need to store them. So the options are :-
  chuck them in a drawer   or
  make a nice storage container for them as in Image 3.
The thinking Woodturner would probably make the bottle coaster the right size to hold the others as in Image 4.

NB Under current Covid-19 guidelines, this example would exceed the Government's 'Rule of Six' !!

Good luck and remember to send a photo to Rick Patrick at
for display on the PAUL's CHALLENGE > webpage.

From time to time, the Club receives items offered for sale.
When it does, the 'Marketplace' button will appear in the TOP FRAME.
in lieu of the , which are still selectable via the Competitions page.)
Clicking the 'Marketplace' button will bring up full details but meanwhile, the following have been listed :-

 August 2020  : Various sizes of Thread Chaser pairs from Paul.


CLUB WOOD SALE  -  Sat & Sun 25th to 26th July  (10am to 4pm)
As we all missed the regular AGM wood sale in March and stock from fallen timber that had been planked & band-sawed was starting to overflow, Paul & Greta set up their gazebos in the back garden for some socially distanced shopping.
Saturday saw some 15 Members visit within the first 90 minutes to go through spindle, bowl and wooden handle blanks from American Plane to Yew with about a dozen other varieties in between.  Several had to reverse their cars closer in order to carry away their spoils.
Saturday afternoon's heavy rain kept visitors to 3 while the dry but windy Sunday saw about 10 Members in all.
It was a very successful event for restocking one's wood blanks, refreshing superglue, abrasives etc from Trading Post and to catch up with colleagues in a safe, open air environment.

Following a Committee Meeting on 26th August that despite the MWCC preparing ways & means for the Community Centre users to consider restarting activities, it was decided that considering the current uncertainty of Covid 19 infection rates over the Autumn & Winter months, it would be prudent to delay any restart of Club Meetings although this decision would be reconsidered with a possible restart in January 2021.
Consequently, all Thursday's Meeting at the Mudeford Wood Community Centre remain cancelled until further notice.

Rather than Members being left alone during the current crisis, the Committee proposed that we have a webpage to show/discuss work that members have been doing while in 'isolation'.
The idea is to :
    show work for appreciating (or if requested, for appraisal),
    ask for advice on how to achieve something  or
    just to pass along some comment / humour.

Use the email hyperlink below for the webmaster to process.

Click   Corona Page  to access Members' contributions

If anyone needs some wood, please email Paul here     or
telephone on the number listed on your Membership Card.

Trading Post purchases for CSW Members while Government Coronavirus conditions are in force.

Use the email link below to request what you would like;
I'll reply with whether we have it in stock and the price;
We'll mutually arrange a pick-up point & time.

Rick Patrick   

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