November 2019 - Appraisal Table
by Paul Reeves

It was in sadness to say farewell to Ed Walker, who will have moved away by the next meeting. He has been an enthusiastic contributor & demonstrator with several years as Table A Champion and the entire Club wish him and his family well 'up North.' He brought in a few of his previous works; an open lattice bowl constructed from a 3" cube of wood, which he cut into small square logs & painted black before glued together, put into a bowl of water into a freezer and finally mounted the icy block onto a lathe to turn out the bowl below. His other piece this month was an imaginative use of coloured tea lights within Christmas Trees.

Allan Rae has taken a shine to working with resin with his penny bowl below. He also has been incorporating Milliput (an epoxy putty) in another bowl, which coincidently John Bolt had used in his geometric platter.

Andy Olgivie continues to renovate and get to grips with an ancient Holtzapfel Ornamental Lathe belonging to a Club Member and has managed to decorate a miniature Christmas Tree complete with engraved baubles and also decorated the small box below.

Clive Potter has been tidying out his loft space and found 60 pieces of metal cutlery bought for a song years ago, but waiting for wooden handles to be turned. He's nearly finished them but has now found 24 metal tea light holders needing wooden bases!

Following Nick Gosden's piece for the September 2019 Plywood Competition, Nick has now produced this fine piece.

October 2019 - Appraisal Table
by Paul Reeves

Following Liz Kent's demonstration, John Bolt & Paul Reeves showed their 'Dragon Bowl' designs.  Whereas Liz had used four different tools, Paul commented that using just one tool (eg 80 grit disc) could achieve the same outcome. John Bolt had made use of iridescent colours, which augmented the finished effect. The edge of the inner bowls were also different.

When there is a lot of white in an oak bowl, it is normally just about to fall apart, hence Paul's description of 'mouldy' oak. David Patrick had managed to turn his just in time.

Andrew Fairfax had sourced some oak from France.

Rick Patrick had completed a commission asked of the Club for a Crown Bowl to be turned into a Keepsake Urn.

Other Members' work:

September 2019 - Comp 3
Working Plywood