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Our Meeting Place is at the Mudeford Wood Community Centre in Pipers Drive, Christchurch, BH23 4TR
The Centre is signposted from the connecting road named 'The Runway'. <SHOW MAP>
There is a car park just before the centre on the left hand side.
We meet at 7.30 pm on the third Thursday of each month.
The programme is as shown on the Home Page.

At a typical club meeting there is a welcome from our chairman, John Bolt, who gives out any notices and introduces the evening's topic.
Then there is an opportunity for any member to raise a query or give any other notices.

The meeting continues with two kinds of events :

One month there will be an introduction to a turning project, usually with a demonstration;
When there is a demo on a lathe, we have a video camera system which projects onto a huge screen & a sound system which connects to in-house speakers.
This means that everyone, wherever they are sitting, receives a good view and a clear hearing of the evening's project.

The following month, there would be a competition evening when members are encouraged to bring in their own work on the previous month's project.
We have two tables according to skill level. Table B is for beginners & Improvers, whilst Table A is for the more experienced turners and those who've graduated from Table B.
The entries are then put on display anonymously with a number allocated before all members present are invited to privately write down their order of preference of the pieces.
From the results, points are awarded and totalled up over the year for trophies to be presented at the AGM in March.
Photos of the competitions are shown on the Archive page <HERE>.

About half way through each evening, we have a break for tea/coffee & biscuits.
Our 'Trading Post' sells useful turning related items, eg abrasives, glues, waxes & sundries at low prices obtained by bulk buying.
We have a box of Club DVD's and videos which Members can hire for a nominal sum.

Additionally each month, members are encouraged to bring any turning they have done for constructive appraisal.
Photos of these are also shown on the Members Work page <HERE>.

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The current COMMITTEE comprises of :-
Chairman - John Bolt
Vice Chair - Paul Reeves
Treasurer - Clive Potter
Secretary - Trevor Elliott
Membership - Richard Slee

Other Committee Members :-
Greta Reeves, Ian Wright, Graham Turner, Rick Patrick, Vic Russell

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Contacts :
For General Info -    Richard Slee  
    or  Clive Potter     

For Club Secretary  -  Trevor Elliott  

For Website and Trading Post (club shop) - Rick Patrick   

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    Meetings   Officers   Away Events   History  

March 2020  News

When we reordered Rhino Red abrasives from our supplier in August last year, we discovered that the then new cost price was 20p per metre more expensive than we were charging Members. However, as at that time we had over three hundred metres of various Rhino Red grits in stock, some purchased at 30ppm cheaper, we elected to leave the price as before until we were approaching that 300 sold figure in subsequent months.
That time will soon be upon us and I'm announcing that from May 2020, (amend that to a couple of months after this Coronavirus Crisis) the price of all Rhino Red abrasives will increase to 2.50 per metre.

It might be prudent to restock your workshops as soon as we restart the Meetings!
If you have an urgent order, you are welcome to email me before the meet and I'll try to organise getting it to you.
Rick Patrick   

Superglue supplies now back to normal.

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