Special Events

Rachel Watling and David Game  all set          Visitors inspecting the pieces. There was       Clive making a mushroom   Richard making a

at the start                                                          a lot of interest in the monkey puzzle bowl                                                  a pyrography tree

                                                                            as well as the nail puzzle                                                                              picture in Yew (he

                                                                                                                                                                                                   sold all 5 he made)

We raised £163 for Club funds!    We sold 5 nail puzzles, 1 spurtle, 5 boxes, 1 dibber, 2 tops, 5 wedges ( made on the day by Dave ), 3 light pulls, 1 spoon, 3 mushrooms and in addition to Richard's pyrography, 2 misc. items .

Message from Clive

We need more nail puzzles and wedges...... please!!!!!!!!!!!!    Any other quality items accepted.         

The club's display this year was a great success. In addition to the stands, we also had a lathe running which added interest.

A very big thank you is due to Graham Turner who did stirling work being there for 4 days (including setting up as well as dismantling).

A big thank you also to (John, Clive, Richard, John & Jean, Mike, Bill, Attillio, Rachel) for their help with the event. There was a lot of interest in Wood Turning with many potential new members to the club, so hopefully we should see a few new faces !!!


In total we took in £1130 pounds, £100 went towards club funds and £150 in commission went to the New Forest trust.


Next year they will give us more space in the tent so we should be able to have one ore two more tables.

Photos below show the display without onlookers as you couldn't see the exhibits to photograph them for most of the time!



Sway Craft Fayre November 21

New Forest Show July 26-28

Everton Festival - June 16 2018

    The Club 'flew the flag' again at this local festival with moderate sales but our prescence particularly with lathe demos is always appreciated by the festival committee.


The stall was organised by Richard S with valuable assistance from  Rachel  with David Game & Joe Maguire preparing Clive's Lathe.

Special Club Events

Planking in Wimborne - 23 FEB

 Paul and a team of club members 'planked' some Ash tree trunks . Thanks to John Yale for the photos.


      1st cut                                                    2nd cut                                                                  finished planks

New Forest Show 24-26 July

Overall sales were very quiet this year. We took £330 on turning sales and £390 on the pyrography table (see Graham top left).

However there was a lot of interest in the club so many fliers went out.

Photo on right ; Ed Walker talking to visitors whilst turning one of his mushroom loop earring holders.

The other photos show the the display with Ed's finished holders at bottom left


Club Barbecue @ Paul & Greta's

 On Saturday July 21st we were again at Paul & Greta's for the club barbecue. With warm weather an enjoyable evening was had by all. Thanks to Kathy McClure for organising very entertaining quizes as well as all who helped both setting up & taking down, not forgetting Paul & Greta for letting us be there.

Photo left shows Greta (actually sitting down) with friends

Photo right shows Paul chatting to friends

Another view of guests on left.

                     Ian McClure was our genial barman


Every two years, we participate in this scheme which is for the Oakhaven Hospice. We are lucky to have the use of Clive Potter's field where we sell pieces donated by members and have turning demonstrations , this year with Paul and Attilio. The 'team' also comprised John Williams, Richard, Graham and Attilio's wife Jean. Special mention should be made for Christine , Clive's wife who admirably kept us all fed and watered. We made £200 for Oakhaven.

                                 A general view of the stalls                                          closer view with Paul on the lathe just visible  back right

    Clive explaining the finer points of a thin       The many pieces on sale with John W                   Graham teaching pyrography

    wooden light shade                                         in charge                 



           August  2016

Display by Geoff Knott at  Hillview   part of Hampshire Open Studios -

 A most successful show for us witth much interest shown in the club and the demos. sales after comission were over £1000!

 Our Display (before the crowds came)                  same display from the  other end.               2nd table with Graham's work     


Rachel chatting to a visitor     Graham with some admiring visitors     Bill Peach chatting to more visitors    2 happy ladies trying pyrography


Barbecue 16 July @ Paul & Greta's

  Greta had things well under control      Clive in charge of his Potter's Bar         Paul hard at work  assisted by  .............Rick Patrick

                                                                                                                                           and John Williams


          A general view                                            Loads of food                                                                  and 'puds' too

Everton Festival June 2016

      We had a very good day to-day with the club stall   despite the weather being very overcast. .We made just over £110 in sales quite a bit of that money was from our now customary 'bargain bin' . We gave £10 to the community association as there was no pitch charge.

There was a lot of interest shown in joining the club as well as a good flow of people watching our demos for which David Game was responsible. We had a few club members visit and are grateful to them. Apart from David  with Richard doing his 'tree pyrography', sterling work by  made it a good team effort.- (Photos were taken at the start so that we could show the goods.)

 Despite a low turnout , we achieved sales of £135  . One 'hit' was the nail puzzle with 'showman'     'haloed' Graham had a stall of his own

A good sum as most sales were small pieces.           here showing how to do the balancing               and did very well with sales of £175


New Forest Show July 28-30

             Clive & Rachel checking the exhibits at the start.

                                                                                                                                                                        A youngster trying pyrography

Clive explaining about the monkey puzzle          Graham chatting to visitors                                        Rachel 'persuading' Mr Farwell to

tree  for the nth time.                                                                                                                               buy Jakki's monkey puzzle bowl




   Clockwise from top - general view of the stall

,Demo masters Attillio & John W discussing a

point, mine hosts  Clive & Christine chatting to

friends, a closer view of the club's wares.

total takings to be added later

    General view of our stand

The Club at The New Forest Show 29-31 July 2014


   This was an exhibition of the Club member's work held in the New Forest Trust Marquee.

  Jakki's monkey puzzle bowl and andy's 'verdigris' set both gained a          Paul's 'holy' dish and other arty pieces with Franco's tractor

  a lot of interest.

   JB's unusual 'dish' on the shelf, Graham's burr oak dish and Clive's             Trevor's candlesticks, JB's tall vase behind with Graham's laminated

    monkey puzzle tree bowls                                                                               dish       

                                                           End View of table with Clive's carved rim dish in the centre


BBQ Evening  June 21 at Greta & Paul's

  Mine host at the BBQ                           JB & Graham T + partners                                            Clive , big Paul Stocker , Paul  and Mrs Stocker

Royden Wood Woodfair - June 8

The club stall

 Moira, David B & John W playing the 'Guess       'Carribean' Ian M , Iris Slee and Geoff Knott      Greta chats to Wally & Wendy Fruin & Geoff Knott

the wood' competition.                                           at the magnificent spread of food

   Clive the barman & Christine who made all the           Relaxing - Atillio, Ian & Cathy M & John W          Paul revealing the answers to the competition

   super sweets.                                                                & partner.