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A club for all woodturners (including prospective turners) for The New Forest, Hants & Dorset


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                  Crush grind mills - Graham Turner

                  Polishing  Wood - from Vic Russell

                  Smocks - Orders to be handled by Ric Patrick , please  contact him direct (see details in document)

                  Lattice Bowl Jig - from Ed Walker


                  Goblet Making  Following Geoff Knott's demo on Goblet Making, he produced an excellent document about this     

                                               which is below (with his permission)

                  Tool Handles with Collet - Document from Vic Russell


Crush Grind Salt/Pepper Mills   

    THere are two drawings below. The first is the one that Graham demonstrated on the club night.. Please note it's essential follow the exact measurments for a good fit..


  Below are full details. Please contact Rick who is setting up orders for collection at Yandles (Sept) but needs to have all orders in by Aug 1. Doing it this way saves postage costs.

Lattice Bowl Jig - Ed Walker



Following John Wyatt’s demo in October I set about making a jig, based on his design.



                            1                                                          2                                                             3

I used a piece of Melamine for the base of the jig and the top layer of the table, as I thought this would have less friction than using wood. I used an old coat hook made from aluminium alloy to hold the guiding bearing. This is solid but easily bent into shape. The bearing should be as close to the cutting bit as possible so it accurately follows the shape of the work. The bearing I had was larger than the one John used but I don’t think this is critical. Fig 2

The jig itself is built up to hold the shape of the Dremel Figs 1,3. A separate piece of wood is cut to hold the Dremel in place, held to the base by 2 screws.

Fixing the table to your lathe will depend on the base of your lathe. My Record has 2 solid bars so my base is bolted on using another piece of wood below the bars. Fig 4. The table can then be built up using wood of different thickness to produce a final cutting height and held in place with G clamps, Fig5 either a little below centre Fig 7, or at centre Fig 8, depending on what effect you want to achieve.


                         4                                                        5                                                            6

Fig 6 The whole jig in place and ready for use.  Indexing arrangement will depend on your lathe. Record don’t make an indexing ring so I had to make my own!


                             7                                                            8                                                      9       

The magnetic light Fig 9, is available from, the bracket to hold it from any builders merchant

The mini router cutters are available from Axminster Tools under Proxxon wood router bits.

Hope some of you find this helpful. Any questions, please ask. (through contact us page R)

Edward Walker



  The Goblet document has 8 pages but  only 3 pages are shown here to give a 'taste' All 8 pages are

downloadable though.

DIY Collet Handle


Sharpening  Techniques by Geoff Knott