The aim of this page is to give some  idea of a typical club evening.

 We meet on the third thursday of every month starting about 7.30 pm. After a welcome our chairman, John Bolt (below left) gives out any notices and introduced the evening's topic. Then there is an opportunity  for any member to raise a query or give any other notices.

If you would like to join us , you can come a couple of times  as a guest (no charge). you will be made very welcome.

If you want to contact us ,please use the 'contact us' page.

 On alternate meetings there is a demo of a turning project on a lathe, usually done by Paul, our vice-chairman (above right). Each project is part of the annual programme (see home page) set out each year by the committee. As shown below, we have a video camera system which projects onto  a huge screen. This means that everyone wherever they are sitting has a good view of the turning. Our 'techie wizard' Ian Wright controls the camera.

 An important person is our treasurer , Clive Potter (right) who will enrol you as a member. You may visit as a guest twice before deciding if you wish to join.




 About half way through the evening, we have a break for tea/coffee &

 biscuits organised by David Game , John Knowlton & others



  For the next meeting, competition night, members are encouraged to bring in their work for the project. This is recorded and then put on display anonymously with a number allocated and then all members vote on the pieces in their order of preference. Photos  of these are shown on the 'competition gallery' page.

We have two tables according to skill level. Table B is for beginners & Improvers, whilst Table A is for the more experienced turners and those who've graduated from Table B. (see competition gallery page).

The votes are counted and at the end of the evening the results are announced . All this is organised by Greta Reeves and assisted by Nick Jazwinski


The points are totalled up over the year and cups awarded to the winners & runners-up at the AGM in March. There are also cups given for various other aspects of the club's activity.

Also , there is a separate table for members to bring any work they've done for constructive criticism.

On competition night there's often a guest speaker but sometimes we have a 'workshop' night when 2 or 3 lathes are in action showing various turning techniques and members are free to circulate and maybe try the technique themselves.

                       Rick Patrick (2nd from left) runs our 'Trading Post' selling 'sandpaper'             We have a box of   Club dvds and


                       and other useful turning related items.                                                                 Members can hire these for a nominal sum


John White  (left) runs the book stall with a variety of turning topics which members can hire for a nominal sum.

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