Colwyn Way
Sat, 29th Sep 2018 at MWCC

Colwyn began by recounting his turning career saying how many things had changed from very limited equipment when he started. He explained his use of the skew including his double bevel grind developed from a German style.

His first piece was a Lace Bobbin in brown oak shaping then cutting the beads just with his skew.


Table Leg - in tulip wood. Again using one of his skews with a smoothing action followed by cutting beads & coves to create the leg.


Candlestick - predominantly shaped with his skew.


Bowl in Spalted Beech - shaping the foot then cutting the outside. After reversing the piece, hollowing the inside and sanding. After reversing again, he lined up the base centre to the tailstock and removed most of the foot and finished off with a sanding pad in the headstock.